“Family of happy fisherman”

I would like to take a few minutes to tell others about my experience with Barry and Julie of Boji Boat Brokers. I was looking for a bass boat and searched every web site I could find. I spoke with numerous sellers of bass boats. I kept in contact with Barry in reference to a Triton 21TRX. Barry seemed to be the most honest and straight forward person I spoke to. This sale did not happen over night, it took weeks.
Barry assured me the Triton would be more than I expected. He had driven the boat and was impressed with it’s performance. I requested more pics and received then sooner than expected.
I made Barry an offer over the phone. I live in West Virginia and Barry is in Iowa. I made my decision based on the honesty i heard in Barry’s voice.
I had trusted Barry and for some reason Barry trusted me. This deal took about 3 weeks to close, from my end. Barry was patient with me the whole time he waited for me and my son to make the trip.

Well that day finally came. We were excited and couldn’t wait to test drive the Triton. One ride and the Triton was everything Barry said it was and that’s being conservative. There was a small problem, but Barry being the man of his word took care of it quickly. While we were there, we got to meet Julie. She is a wonderful person and I’m sure the inspiration that makes them the team they are. I am very happy with working with Barry and I would not hesitate to work with him in the future.

We love the Triton and look forward to every opportunity to be out doing what we love. Fishing for fun and tournament action.

Thank you Barry and Julie for making this family of fisherman happy.

Carl O’Neal
Dunbar, WV