About Us

Julie and Barry Van IperenBarry Van Iperen

Barry is extremely excited about bringing Boji Boat Brokers to his customers and friends.

Going back to 1969 and being pulled up on a zip sled in Okoboji behind his dad’s 1st boat, enjoying summers at Edgewater Plaza, swimming and skiing, to working 20+ years in the boating industry, locally and then gaining the knowledge of selling yachts in Florida with one of the largest family owned brokerage companies in the world, Barry’s experience is vast and he wants to share his knowledge on buying and selling boats with you!!

Okoboji is truly home, quite honestly one of the best and most beautiful places to live!! He is also looking forward to spending some family time with his wife and his children, skiing, surfing and taking in the lake area because that’s what life is all about!

Julie Van Iperen

Julie’s knowledge on boats comes from a life that has been centered around boats and boating.

After working at a local boat dealership for nearly 10 years doing all aspects from accounting to cleaning to also selling boats, she moved to a different direction and went into banking.

Julie worked at Savings Bank in Lake Park for 11 years as a loan originator. Boating and banking are worlds apart but she enjoyed both and would find the evenings filled with boating activities such as skiing, wake surfing, and wakeboarding.

The kids they have are very active with boating as well and they will teach the new grandson the ins and outs of boating as he grows!! Julie thinks of herself as a pretty good “captain” as well!

With our exciting endeavor, Boji Boat Brokers, we look forward to reconnecting with past customers, and making new ones!